See How Easily You Can Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Leave your chest and back waxing to the pros in Proctor, MN

When it comes to hair removal, waxing is one of the best methods available. The Wax Bar has extensive experience providing pain-free body, back and chest waxing services to men in the Proctor, MN area. Whether it's your first time getting waxed or your hundredth, The Wax Bar will keep you comfortable and relaxed throughout the process.

To take advantage of our chest waxing services in Proctor, MN, call 218-464-9883 now. You'll get a smooth, defined chest in no time.

Create a customized waxing package

Create a customized waxing package

The Wax Bar knows that not everyone's hair preferences are the same. We offer a variety of waxing services, so you always have options to create the look you want. Our services include:

  • $62 full back waxing
  • $35 half back waxing
  • $26 underarm waxing
  • $30 abdomen or chest waxing
  • $62 full chest waxing, including abdomen
  • $45 full arm waxing
  • $32 half arm waxing
  • $50 buttocks waxing, including inner backside
  • $60 basic men's Brazilian
  • $80 modified men's Brazilian
  • $100 full men's Brazilian
  • $80 full leg waxing
  • $47 half leg waxing

Contact The Wax Bar today to ask about chest and back waxing, or schedule an appointment and visit our salon in Proctor, MN at your convenience.